Attorney Sarah K. Fox will be the voice.

Attorney Sarah K. Fox will be the voice.

Sarah K. Fox has always been passionate about serving those affected by the criminal justice system.

Originally from a small town in East Texas, Sarah earned her undergraduate degree from Southwestern University where she double-majored in Philosophy and Political Science.  After graduating, she attended Southern Methodist University’s Dedman School of Law on a Presidential Scholarship.  While at SMU, Sarah earned Dean’s List honors and competed on the university’s National Mock Trial teams.

Sarah entered the private sector after working as a Felony Prosecutor at the Collin County District Attorney’s Office, and she has practiced on both sides of the criminal justice system.  Beginning with her first internships in law school, Sarah has devoted her entire legal career to Criminal Law.

Her practice boils down to three key principles:


The best criminal defense attorneys are those who can immediately evaluate the police’s investigation of a case to see if an individual’s rights were violated.  With years of experience working directly with law enforcement agencies, Sarah has “seen it all” when it comes to proper and improper investigations.

As a Collin County Felony Prosecutor for almost five years, Sarah often worked with some of the top police agencies in the state—the officers who conduct investigations “by the book,” crossing every ‘t’ and dotting every ‘i.’  She even attended some of the same training courses as these police officers and knows exactly what the gold standard of police work should be.

The bottom line is that the news media and personal experiences have shown us that this gold standard is not always followed, which can strongly affect your rights. As a result of Sarah’s extensive training and her experience working as a prosecutor, she can expertly identify when law enforcement betrays their training and violates an individual’s constitutional rights.  Properly and efficiently identifying these violations can help individuals accused of a crime receive lower sentence recommendations, or even outright dismissals of criminal charges.


Prior to becoming a criminal defense attorney, Sarah spent almost five years as a prosecutor. With countless jury trials and plea bargains under her belt, she is known as a “bulldog” in the courtroom.  Sarah’s trial work was featured in leading news publications, including, The Dallas Morning News and the DMN crimeblog.  She has tried every kind of case, ranging from first-degree felonies to traffic tickets, and therefore knows the ins and outs of what details are important to prosecutors when they evaluate their cases.

Sarah also knows how to negotiate the lowest plea bargain by appealing to the kinds of arguments she used to make as a prosecutor.  Additionally, when it comes time to demand a jury trial, she knows the common angles and strategies used by the prosecution and has the experience needed to hold them to the burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt like the United States Constitution demands.


Before spending years as a prosecutor, Sarah began her legal career in the field of Criminal Defense.  In law school, she participated in the Southern Methodist University Criminal Defense Clinic where she was awarded a special law license that allowed her to represent indigent criminal defendants while still a student.

She then spent a year clerking for prominent criminal defense firm, Sorrells, Udashen, and Anton in Dallas.  While apprenticing with some of the most well-respected attorneys in the criminal law field, she developed a true sense for how a person’s life is affected by the tragedy of a criminal accusation.  Sarah learned how to identify and relate to each client’s values and goals.

Sarah took that invaluable experience with her when she left the DA’s Office and began the Criminal Defense Division of the respected law firm of McCathern, PLLC.  While building her career at McCathern, Sarah honed her gifts to individualize each case with the awareness and understanding of diverse client goals and desired outcomes. Today, Sarah continues to exude that exceptional level of care and attention to her clients at The Fox Firm.  She genuinely serves as an advocate for her clients, whether they are in need of recovery, want the swiftest possible outcome, or believe they were falsely accused and wish to exercise their right to a jury trial.


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