One accusation can ruin a person’s life, and the individual making it has a whole team of advocates from the police to the government’s attorneys.  The first and most important thing you must do when accused of a crime is find YOUR advocate.   At The Fox Firm, experienced criminal attorney Sarah K. Fox will be the voice you need to fight any accusation of any size and of any type.

The law says that a criminal defendant has no burden to prove that he is innocent, but that does not mean you can sit back and simply trust the system to work in your favor. It is a fact that innocent people are accused of committing crimes every single day, and it is when you find yourself in that traumatic position that you need a strong criminal attorney more than any other. Sarah Fox is powerful in the courtroom and will fight to the end to seek justice on your behalf.

Because it only takes one person’s word to accuse an individual of a crime, that often becomes the only voice that is heard in the courtroom.  All too often juries never hear that the girlfriend who has accused her ex of assaulting her has a history of falsely accusing other past boyfriends. Juries also often hear that the passenger of the car was technically guilty of possession because drugs were found in her purse, but they never hear that the passenger had no idea the driver even had drugs, and certainly didn’t know that he threw them in her purse when the cop pulled him over to escape getting in trouble.  As a trained and seasoned attorney, Sarah will take your case to trial, expose issues like these to the jury, and fight for your innocence to the end.